Ways to Beat a Bully at Your School (Without Getting Physical)

1- Stand up for people who are bullied. Bullies often want an audience and approval.

2- Don’t accept the bullier’s invitation to engage.

3- Take action.

4- Talk to other kids.

5- Talk to your teachers or principal.

6- Talk to your parents or guardians.

7- Speak up! … And, write up, when necessary!

8- Get creative.

9- You be the game changer. Stand up and let other students know that you are not interested in mistreating others for any reason just because they’re different from you. You are interested in being friendly towards everyone. You are all about creating positive energy.

10- Show a little empathy. (Put yourself in their shoes!)

11- You show respect and caring by your words and actions. You defend those who can’t defend themselves. Whatever hurts my neighbor, hurts me.

12- If one or more of the above describes your child, have him/her practice techniques – such as stop and think, taking deep breaths, or counting to ten – to help control his/her negative emotions. When you see your child acting in a hurtful way, tell him/her to stop, remove him/her from the situation, and then talk about what he/she can do differently next time. However, if your efforts don’t appear to have a positive impact on his/her behavior, ask your doctor to recommend an appropriate mental health professional.


NAME CALLING: _________________________________
TEASING: _______________________________________
THREATENING: __________________________________
PHYSICAL: ______________________________________
VERBAL: ________________________________________
JEALOUS: _______________________________________
RUMORS: _______________________________________
CONFIDENCE: ___________________________________
NEIGHBOR: _____________________________________
TEACHERS: _____________________________________
FRIENDS: _______________________________________
STUDENTS: _____________________________________
OVERLOOKED: __________________________________
OVERWHELMED: ________________________________
AFRAID: _______________________________________
CYBER: _________________________________________
FACEBOOK: _____________________________________
PUBLIC: ________________________________________
GROUP: _________________________________________
PLAYGROUND: _____________________________________
BUS: ___________________________________________
LUNCHROOM: ____________________________________
SCHOOL HALLWAY: _______________________________
SCHOOL RESTROOM:______________________________