“Be A Friend” T-Shirt Help make school a connected place where friendship, and acceptance of others is cool and smart. Your purchase will support our “Friendship Bench” Campaign, which creates a unique opportunity to be the village that will not allow our children to sit alone.Available in the following colors:


Story Books

Together, We Are Winners! The World According To Winston Parker

Winston is a high-spirited, loving little fellow who has diabetes. When he pleads with his mom and dad to let him join the community race at the fall festival, his dad agrees to help Winston and his friends prepare. At first, his friends are reluctant to commit to the race; but, Winston knows that if they help one another, these three friends can do anything!

Winston Meets the President

These three pals will learn the purpose and importance of voting. They will be challenged to learn about each breed that is running for the world’s leader. They must make a decision to vote based on their feelings, hopes, and beliefs. Along the way, they also learn about how bill becomes a law. You will never guess who is invited to the big White Dog House.