Keys to Encourage Friendship

1- Be Open: Invite your peers into your world. Show yourself as a friendly person and just simply say, “Hey, do you want to be my friend?” What if he or she doesn’t want to be your friend? It’s okay! Look around you. There are so many more who may want to be your friend. Be friends to those who will be a good friend to someone like you. It’s the very best gift you can give yourself!

2- Go For It: “Hi. My name is ___________. What’s your name?” But, what if the kid is shy or nervous about telling you his/her name or speaking to you, or he/she may be reluctant, and his/her body language may suggest a mean or unpleasant demeanor? Don’t give up! Be nice, smile, and be kind, until he/she feels safe to be nice back to you. Resist the temptation to be forceful or to attempt to make the other person talk to you.

3- Praise: It’s okay to let a peer know that you think that he/she is – as examples – cool, funny, smart, super nice, or wearing a cute outfit.

4- Kindness: ALWAYS be kind to others! Today, I share with you; tomorrow, you share with me. But, what if he or she doesn’t want to play with you all the time? It’s okay if he or she doesn’t want to play! Hug or join hands all the time. Give him or her time to play with others. Friends always return!

5- Mindful: Treat others the way you want to be treated! After all, you want to be treated with fairness and respect for who you are and you need to know that your feelings count. That’s what they want too!