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“Be A Friend” Foundation

Be A Friend Foundation is a nonprofit organization, established in July 2017. Its primary goal is to fight against bullying, while supporting youth in developing new friendships, and building a culture of caring in schools and communities through awareness, education, and mentorship.

Be A Friend Foundation promotes friendship and acceptance of each other no matter who they are. It also teaches all children the importance of having – and being – a good friend. It teaches the importance of team work. It teaches that we are ALL special, even those who have limitations. And, it is a poignant reminder that we ALL have something to offer, regardless of our limitations.

As Be A Friend partners, we are teaching social skills through reading to elementary school-aged children, to help them better understand the importance of making a school a connected place where friendship, and acceptance of others is cool and smart.

Our Mission:  Is built around “The Friendship Bench” Campaign, which creates a unique opportunity for the community (Parents, Families, Teachers, and Professionals) to be the village that will not allow our children to sit alone.

Our Vision: To have children go to school to learn, grow, and socially connect positively, without the pressure of being bullied. We believe that through empowering our youth with the proper educational tools and resources, they can celebrate individuality and the acceptance of others with kindness, mindfulness, and compassion.